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From the offer
From the offer



In Dresden and its surroundings Christmas ornaments were made out of a very simple, but equally interesting material. Since the Seventies of the nineteenth century Dresden manufacturer and homeworkers used nothing other than common cardboard for that sublime purpose. It possessed not only the advantage of being inexpensive, but could also boast incredible rich possibilities in forming and shaping like no other matter, except glass. Indeed, the world of Dresden formations is overwhelming. Nothing has been left out, neither truck nor coach, nor boat, nor balloon, nor engine, nor zeppelin (to mention only means of transportation). In addition, thanks to the very careful finishing (glueing, laminating, painting and so on) by homeworkers these ornaments made for an impression of luxury and pomp, despite the simplicity of the starting material, in particular when gold or silver foil laminated paper was used.

For that reason it is not surprising to see Dresden cardboard ornaments being very high rated by collectors. As a result steep prices are to be paid when one of these rare pieces comes into the market. That's why my offer here is rather small. Besides, I will admit it frankly, whoever has become an owner of a Dresden ornament would like keeping and flaunting it on her own tree for all to see and admire!

One word about the distinction I'm making in the following when describing the single items. There are three main types of Dresden ornaments: flat ones, double ones, and threedimensional ones. The flat type restricts embossement to the front side. The double type shows embossement of both front and rear side, but the ornament still appears to be rather flat. Threedimensional items have a maximal depth of more than half an inch and give a spatial impression close to reality.



Antique Ornaments
75 Items
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51 DR230 Violin Violin Violin Sold 
52 DR229 Small Wedding Shoe Small Wedding Shoe Small Wedding Shoe Sold 
53 DR228 Cornucopia Cornucopia Cornucopia Sold 
54 DR227 Dog Dog Dog Sold 
55 DR226 Shell, candy container Shell, candy container Shell, candy container Sold 
56 DR225 Fish Fish Fish Sold 
57 DR224 House with Garden House with Garden House with Garden Sold 
58 DR223 Cotillon Cotillon Cotillon Sold 
59 DR222 Flying Bird Flying Bird Flying Bird US $281.25 
60 DR221 Dromedary Dromedary Dromedary Sold 
61 DR220 Violin Violin Violin Sold 
62 DR219 Eagle Eagle Eagle Sold 
63 DR218 Cotillon Cotillon Cotillon Sold 
64 DR217 Jockey with Horse Jockey with Horse Jockey with Horse Sold 
65 DR216 Stork Stork Stork Sold 
66 DR214 Fish Fish Fish Sold 
67 DR212 Barometer, both-sided. Barometer, both-sided. Barometer, both-sided. Sold 
68 DR211 Large Butterfly Large Butterfly Large Butterfly Sold 
69 DR206 Dresden Cow Dresden Cow Dresden Cow Sold 
70 DR205 Jockey with Horse Jockey with Horse Jockey with Horse Sold 
71 DR204 Medallion with Eagle and Lion Medallion with Eagle and Lion Medallion with Eagle and Lion US $52.10 
72 DR165 Winton Tourer Winton Tourer Winton Tourer Sold 
73 DR198 Jockey with Horse Jockey with Horse Jockey with Horse Sold 
74 DR197 Cotillon Decoration Cotillon Decoration Cotillon Decoration Sold 
75 DR193 Ram Ram Ram Sold 
75 Items
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