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Feather Trees

From the offer
From the offer



The history of Christmas tree is a true success story. However, at a time when transportation and shipping had not developed as today there was a problem for people who were living in sparsely wooded regions, that is where to get an evergreen tree from. Therefore very soon the production of artificial trees was undertaken by skilled German craftsmen. According to the material used for those trees they were called Feather Trees. Not surprisingly, they found a ready market in the United States.

Wood (for the trunc), wire (for the branches), and goose feathers (for the fir needle) are the simple raw materials for a feather tree. In addition, trunc and beginning of branches were laminated with color paper. Of course, feather trees avoid the fate of withering in contrast to their natural examples, and they can do their festive work over years and years. Sizes range from about four inches to eighty inches and more, enough choice be it for a doll's little room, a citizen's parlor, or a castle's drawing room.



Antique Ornaments
Feather Trees
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