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Gablonz, a village in Northern Bohemia in today's Czechia, was a place of glass-working industry since immemorial time. The fabrication of Christmas ornaments from the native material developed as a byproduct, so to speak. Typical of Gablonz items are free or form blown beads which are stringed on wires and skilfully assembled to give very imaginative ornaments. Who is owning one of the elaborate star-shaped Gablonz tree toppers may boast an exquisite rarity.

You will find Gablonz objects of incredibly many different patterns: crowns, baskets, lamps, wind mills, stars, spiders etc. My favourite items are the older ones which are more robust in form and have vigorous colors. Small disks of composition material hold the item together.



Antique Ornaments
11 Items
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1 GA163 Fancy Ornament Fancy Ornament Fancy Ornament US $45.00 
2 GA160 Fancy form Fancy form Fancy form Sold 
3 GA158 Boat Boat Boat US $50.00 
4 GA157 Fancy Ornament Fancy Ornament Fancy Ornament US $40.00 
5 GA156 Star Star Star Sold 
6 GA155 Fancy Ornament Fancy Ornament Fancy Ornament Sold 
7 GA154 House House House Sold 
8 GA153 Star Star Star Sold 
9 GA152 Boat Boat Boat Sold 
10 GA149 Water wheel Water wheel Water wheel Sold 
11 GA148 Fancy form Fancy form Fancy form Sold 
11 Items

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