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From the offer
From the offer



During some time, the crowd of Christmas past collectors was divided in two groups. If you belonged to the upper one of both was decided by the possession or non-possession of a zeppelin. The material, be it glass, cotton, or cardboard, was of minor importance. Well, since now you can see the first modern zeppelins in the sky, the overrating of a single object was reduced to a more realistic degree.

Nonetheless, the passion for the original flying objects is to be well understood, for example on the background of the history of technology.



Antique Ornaments
7 (6 + 1) Items
Nr. Code Preview
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1 ZP038 Zeppelin Los Angeles ZR3 Zeppelin Los Angeles ZR3 Zeppelin Los Angeles ZR3 US $295.70 
2 ZP037 Glass Zeppelin Glass Zeppelin Glass Zeppelin US $102.15 
3 ZP036 Zeppelin Zeppelin Zeppelin Sold 
4 ZP035 Zeppelin DLZ 127 Zeppelin DLZ 127 Zeppelin DLZ 127 Sold 
5 ZP034 Zeppelin LZ 127 Zeppelin LZ 127 Zeppelin LZ 127 US $268.80 
6 ZP030 LZ 127 LZ 127 LZ 127 Sold 
7 PA275 Airship Zeppelin Airship Zeppelin Airship Zeppelin Sold 
7 (6 + 1) Items

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