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Oval Frame with Double Monogram

Oval Frame with Double Monogram

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Description Add importance and appeal to your initials! What is best for paintings, namely a suitable frame, may not be wrong for monograms. This richly designed and embroidered frame consists of two parts, i.e. left and right half and a double monogram, which are put together or may be sewed together if you want. 
Condition See description. 
Material Cotton. 
Size 4.5 inches x 2.6 inches. 
Age From 1930 on. 
Origin St. Gall (Switzerland). 
Unit Piece. 
Date Added on January 29, 2008. 
Code MO022 
Price US $16.15  
Code Item PriceQuantity Order
MO022 Oval Frame with Double Monogram  US $16.15 
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