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From the offer



The trumpet is one of the most popular tree ornaments. For Christmas is that time of the year when house music is at its best. Even a completely unmusical family will be heard singing the famous Silent Night, and all are listening to the recorder solo of the youngest child. No wonder that instruments for a complete orchestra are present on a Christmas tree: harp, fiddle, mandolin, horn, trumpet, drum, and so on.

Bells are a different story, being the most used figural ornaments at all. Most of them are mute, but some hold a special attraction: when set swinging they give a jingle sound that reminds angel chimes.



Antique Ornaments
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1 MI056 Violin with Box (Dresden) Violin with Box (Dresden) Violin with Box (Dresden) US $343.75 
2 MI055 Trumpet Trumpet Trumpet Sold 
3 MI053 Violin with Box (Dresden) Violin with Box (Dresden) Violin with Box (Dresden) Sold 
4 MI051 Mandolin Mandolin Mandolin Sold 
5 MI050 Violin Violin Violin Sold 
6 MI049 Horn Horn Horn Sold 
7 MI048 Guitar Guitar Guitar Sold 
8 MI047 Violin Violin Violin Sold 
9 MI046 Lyra Lyra Lyra Sold 
10 MI045 Horn Horn Horn Sold 
11 MI044 Lute Lute Lute Sold 
11 Items

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