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From the offer



Ox and donkey in the stable of Bethlehem, sheep all around the manger, camels approaching from far—who wonders that the Christmas tree is crowded by a whole zoo of animals, growling, purring, barking, quacking, miaowing, and crowing that it is a true joy for both ears and eyes. Not to talk about birds' singing and whistling—birds are so numerous that they deserve an own section.

Aside from the animals which are taken out of real life there are also objects of pure imagination like the unicorn and fairy tale figures like the Puss-in-Boots. These are much harder to be found and, accordingly, higher priced.



Antique Ornaments
10 Items
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1 TI123 Affe mit Stock Affe mit Stock Affe mit Stock US $90.00 
2 TI122 Butterfly on Clip Butterfly on Clip Butterfly on Clip Sold 
3 TI121 sheep sheep sheep US $35.00 
4 TI120 Fish Fish Fish Sold 
5 TI119 sheep sheep sheep Sold 
6 TI118 Fish Fish Fish Sold 
7 TI117 Frog Frog Frog Sold 
8 TI116 Chafer Chafer Chafer Sold 
9 TI115 Owl on a Ball Owl on a Ball Owl on a Ball Sold 
10 TI101 Cat Playing a Mandolin Cat Playing a Mandolin Cat Playing a Mandolin Sold 
10 Items

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